ASO race 8 will now be the Individual Champs at Silk Wood. Your run will count as a League score as well as for the Individual Championship

N.B. The next ASO race at BOK's Southern Champs at Moseley Green, 31st March, has been cancelled. The Forestry Commission has not granted access due to nesting birds

Scores from Pen Hill are now online.

Leigh Woods Version 2 with numerous changes now uploaded

Scores from a soggy Leigh Woods are now online. There were lots of unknown runners today. Please let me know if any were competitive

Don't forget that Year 6 must now run Yellow for the remaining races if they want their result to count

Scores updated and note fixture change with the ASO Champs now at Silkwood on April 28th and ASO league on March 31st

Scores from Oldbury Court are now up, including the updated Parents League

Results from Blaise Castle are now up. Congratulations are due to many who persisted for a long time on their courses despite the cold and wet. I hope the points scored helps make it feel more worthwhile!

This will be the final season of the ASO League. During the year, plans will be developed for a Bristol Junior League starting in 2019-20. If you'd like to help with developing the new league, please contact any of the ASO and BOK committee

2017-18 News
Congratulations to Kingswood who take both league titles, to Redmaids for finishing a strong second in both leagues despite only having runners in half the classes (!), to all our winners - including a tie on maximum points in Year 9 Girls between Ruby and Rebecca, both members of the SW Junior Squad - and to all of you for taking part, for running in the Parents League and for supporting and transporting your children in this season’s ASO League.

Results from Black Down are up but will need updating due to new unregistered runners on White & Yellow

The final League event on May 20th has been cancelled due to access issues.
There's no time to find a replacement fixture, so the Individual Champs will double up as the final League race. You will need to run the correct course for your school year to count in the Individual Champs. If you just want to count in the Schools League you can run the course of your choice as usual.

Brierley Scores now up. We appear to have 12 runners in the Parents League, the biggest turnout yet. Thanks and well done all!

Durdham Down - Version 5 of the scores now up .... and hopefully the final version

Durdham Down - Results are now on the BOK website (18:20)I'm working on them and will try to get the scores up this evening

Ashton Court Scores version 2 are now up, including many changes.

Ashton Court Scores version 1 are up. There are lots of unregistered runners and incorrect schools for some runners, so further changes will follow.